Boštjan Kolednik

Professional Slovenian Voiceover

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“I work on each new project with passion and responsibility to the client. Whether is a small internet spot, two hours of reading or big budget campaign.” ~Boštjan Kolednik


“I have been working with Bostjan (Bastino), since 2013 and during that period we have collaborated on numerous voiceover projects including corporate narrations, IVR recordings, TV and radio commercials and web video dubbing. His excellent reading style, fast turnaround and unbeatable rates make him our No1 choice whenever we have a project in Slovenian. Friendly, prompt, professional and helpful, Mr.Kolednik is an inseparable part of our voice talents dream team. Do I recommend him? Absolutely 100% yes 🙂 “

Irma Yordanova, International clients, ASAP Studio OG


I record almost every day for nearly ten years only with tools that have proven to me that they can deliver the best possible result for you – the client.

PROJECTING emotions thru the microphone is my passion and my drive. This is why many may even consider putting me on the top of the list of slovenian voice overs.

Why am i different?

I record myself in my own studio which means, i am a technician a recording engineer and an artist in one person.
This also means, low rates, fast delivery and instant response to retakes and massages.

Audio recordings are the best possible quality in all desired formats possible.

If there is live session needed, no problem, we can connect over zoom or any other media application in no time. I can cut the recordings and send it.

Wheter you are an agency, media house, or a client looking for devoted and experienced slovenian voiceover – let me know.

I will be happy to work with you on your next project.


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